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Secondary School
O'Level A'Math and E'Math Tuition Programme

Math tuition programme by highly sought-after tutor -
Tutor Suzanne 


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Our Students

It is not the same when you are guided by a Math Specialist.

Being specialists in O'Level Math, we can best understand the most common mistakes made and the difficulties students face in understanding A'Math / E'Math.

With our expertise at Arc of Math, we have developed a set of proven methodology and a structured programme to help secondary school students achieve great improvements in their results in a short period of time.


Understand Mathematical Concepts Faster and Score Better Results

Why Arc of Math tuition programmes work

Secondary O'Level/IP
E'/A' Math Tuition Specialist

Proven Methodology to make your learning doubly efficient

Learn how to identify whether a topic is formula core or concept core and target it using Habits of Hand or Habits of Mind. Make your learning and practice sessions doubly efficient.

Rigourous & structured programme to stretch your limits

Attend 2-hours weekly sessions and go through a series of planned lectures, tutorials, checkpoint quizzes, revision sessions, mock tests to make sure you are on track to your A.

In-house tips & tricks to accelerate your learning

​Get access to our highly effective tips and tricks, cheat sheets, revision packages, and topical notes to help you solve questions faster and smarter.


4.9 Stars Google Review

80 reviews

Highly recommended Math tuition in Jurong West

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"I scored A1 for both Elementary Math and Additional Math for O Levels thanks to her!"

I started attending classes in Secondary 4 when my friend first recommended it to me. The class environment and atmosphere are really conducive and fun. In addition, Ms Suzanne will never fail to take some time off her busy schedule to answers questions online which aided me a lot in my revision. In the end, I scored A1 for both Elementary Math and Additional Math for O Levels thanks to her!

Glaxy Low 
Jurong Secondary School

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"my results improved drastically from a D7 to an A1 for both N'levels and O'Levels"

Definitely one of my best and favourite teachers to me. She's super friendly and approachable. The teaching methods and concepts make me so much easier to understand than in class. Ever since I attended her classes, my results improved drastically from a D7 to an A1 for both my N'Levels and O'Levels. Without her, I won’t be able to do Math confidently and graduate with such a good grade. Strongly recommend this teacher!!!!!

Khok Xiu Wen

Yuan Ching Secondary School

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"with the help of Ms Suzanne's tuition lessons, I managed to get an A2 for both Emaths and Amaths for 'O' Levels"

At the start of Secondary 4, I got a B4 for Amaths and failed Emaths with a D7. However, with the help of Miss Suzanne’s tuition lessons, I managed to get an A2 for both Emaths and Amaths for ‘O’ Levels. Miss Suzanne’s tuition sessions are never a bore and the lesson materials she provides are all very relevant and helpful. Tuition lessons are really stress free, I even started to like Maths because of Miss Suzanne! Her teaching method is also easy to understand. Till today, I still feel very grateful towards Miss Suzanne. 

Ei Zhe Qi

Jurong Secondary School

Pathway to your A in Math

Secondary 1
Math Programme

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Make a smooth transition from primary to  secondary school Math

Secondary 2
Math Programme

algebra (5).png

Build solid foundation for upper secondary A'Math and E'Math

Secondary 3

Math Programme


Learn the formulas and techniques to ace O'Level A'& E'Math

Secondary 4

Math Programme

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Master the essential skills to ace O'Level A'Math and E'Math

Ms Suzanne Tan

Founder and Principal Tutor at Arc of Math

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Widely known as Tutor Suzanne, Ms. Suzanne is a highly sought-after tutor in Singapore, and also the founder and principal tutor for all classes at Arc of Math (Jurong West).


Being a Math enthusiast, Ms. Suzanne started teaching Primary and Secondary School Math & Science since the first year of her undergraduate studies in NUS. She has accumulated more than 8 years of  experience. and till date, she has coached more than 300 students and 97.5% of her students showed improvements upon joining her classes. Moving on to focus on secondary school Math, she is constantly seeking for innovative ways to better her teaching and to deliver the best  secondary school math tuition programme for students.


Ms Suzanne holds a Second Upper honours degree in Applied Mathematics (NUS) with a minor in Economics, and is a former student under River Valley High School's Integrated Programme (IP). She has obtained 6 distinctions in A'Levels, with merit in  H3 mathematics, and is also a recipient of the President's Book Award from NUS.

Get your free math skill checklist!

Check if you are on track to master all the skill sets needed to ace your math exams!

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