Experience with a Trial Class

Get started with a trial class to understand first-hand how we can guide you.
No commitments, no strings attached.

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It is not the same when you are guided by a specialist in Math

- Master complex concepts/formulas and approach challenging questions with confidence

- Develop experience and avoid making the same common mistakes as your peers


- Get access to the best materials that help you understand concepts faster and apply formulas easily


- Be guided step-by-step under a structured Math programme and know that you are on track to your A


- Receive support in-and-out of class so you keep making progress

Live-Streaming X Face-to-Face

We are flexible!

At The Arc, we offer our students the flexibility based on their needs. All students are able to switch around between live-stream and face-to-face lessons depending on their schedule and preference. 


Prefer more face-to-face interactions?


Attend the physical class.

Busy and overwhelmed from school or save some travelling time?


Switch to online streaming from the comfort of your home.

*Face-to-face lessons are subjected to availability due to safe distancing measures and space constraints.

Bring along friends and save more! 


"2 is better than one"

Bring a friend along and both of you enjoy $20 off tuition fees every month!

"Triple deal"

Bring 2 friends along and all 3 of you enjoy $30 off tuition fees every month

"No one left behind"

Bring 3 friends along and all 4 of you enjoy $40 off tuition fees every month!

Trial Class Registration Form


Trial classes are available all year-round and under the following conditions.

A trial class is free of charge if the student does not register for the class after attending the lesson.

If a student wishes to register for classes after the trial class, the trial class is considered as the first chargeable lesson.